Wendy Rhodes – about me


Meet Wendy Rhodes, a passionate quilter hailing from the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Wendy’s journey into the world of quilting began as a hobby and has since blossomed into a deep-seated passion. Her focus on quilting with machines has not only honed her skills but has also allowed her to explore and innovate in the quilting realm.Wendy Rhodes


Born and raised in Austin, Wendy’s Texan roots are deeply ingrained in her quilting style. Her love for quilting ignited at a young age, inspired by the rich quilting heritage of her family and community. As she grew, so did her passion for creating intricate and beautiful quilts using modern machine quilting techniques.


Wendy is a master of machine quilting, with a keen eye for detail and a flair for creativity. Her expertise lies in combining traditional quilting methods with modern machine quilting technologies. This unique approach sets her work apart, creating stunning quilts that are both visually striking and intricately crafted.

Inspiration and Style: Wendy draws inspiration from the world around her, incorporating elements of nature, architecture, and everyday life into her quilting designs. Her style is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional quilting, with a focus on bold colors, geometric patterns, and intricate stitching.


Over the years, Wendy has garnered recognition for her outstanding work in the quilting community. Her quilts have been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications, earning her a reputation as a talented and innovative quilter. Wendy’s passion for sharing her knowledge and skills has led her to teach quilting classes and workshops, inspiring others to discover the joy of quilting.

Community Involvement:

Wendy is an active member of the quilting community in Austin and beyond. She is involved in local quilting groups and organizations, where she shares her expertise and passion for quilting with others. Wendy’s commitment to fostering a love for quilting in her community is evident in her dedication to teaching and mentoring aspiring quilters.


In conclusion, Wendy Rhodes is more than just a quilter – she is an artist, a teacher, and a passionate advocate for the art of quilting. Her journey from hobbyist to expert quilter is a testament to her dedication and love for the craft. Whether she’s creating a new quilt, teaching a class, or sharing her knowledge with others, Wendy’s passion for quilting shines through in everything she does.

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