ARRL: The K7RA Solar Update


The past week saw increased solar activity, with average daily sunspot numbers rising from 5.3 to 19.6 and average daily solar flux from 69.8 to 74.5. We haven’t seen such strong activity since the beginning of last summer, when ARLP016 in 2018 reported average daily sunspot number at 22.6 and average daily solar flux at 75.3
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A Disaster Plan by J73WA

UPDATED 2018 07 17

J73WA, Wayne, an operator whom we all know to be very much in to being prepared for just about anything out there has yet again rendered a great service to us fellow operators. Wayne has put together a very comprehensive Disaster Plan for Amateur Operators. He saw Family and Community plans are all over but nothing specific to the Amateur Radio community. He started off using the CDEMA family plan and expanded on it with all the relevant stuff for Amateur Radio Ops, put it all together in a nice format that is easy to follow and understand.
The File can be found under Net Control/Amateur Radio Disaster plan, also under the Net Control/Files page or just following this link:

 Amateur Radio Disaster Plan

Thank you Wayne, the effort is appreciated.

As an addition to the above mentioned file Wayne [J73WA] has also created a Saphir Simpson Scale reference file.
It will help us understand the level of preparation we must make based on the severity of the storm

the file can be downloaded right here: Saphir Simpson Scale


73 Admin

Rainbow Radio League: Emcomm Exercise 2018

The Rainbow Relay League will be hosting a field exercise on May 20th, 2018. The Exercise is designed to get local and regional radio amateurs in a state of readiness for the upcoming storm season.  The activity will be conducted 3 HF bands (viz: 80M, 60M & 40M).  Most of the J8 stations will be portable, running no more than 30 watts from a manpack radio, so we will need stations with ‘good ears’  to monitor and relay messages when necessary.
The scenario involves a cruise liner running aground on a reef, with passengers and crew having to be evacuated.
As it is a maritime scenario the use of the VHF marine band will be used for the initial ‘Mayday’ then revert to ham VHF/UHF frequencies for continuation of the exercise. Of course, the maritime community will be made aware that it is a training exercise letting them know that they too can be called upon to assist in a coordinated manner.
As in the past, we look forward to the participation of all regional operators who have the time on Sunday May 20,2018.    The activity begins at 06.00 Hrs local and will run until 12:00 Hrs Local.  An evaluation is expected to be held later that day when the hams on St. Vincent meet at a central point.

73 de J88CD Donald.

CEWN Site changes

Hi All,

Just a heads up for the updates and changes to our website. A member area and signup has been added. so please go to member on the drop down choose register. Once you are registered login to the site and go to User add a couple of pics a line or two of info, et voila. If you need any assistance do not hesitate to ask.

##UPDATE: Please add your call sign as your nickname thank you.

Also added a “swapmeet” where we can sell or ask for radio related equipment etc. 
I hope this will take off and that as a region we can gather around the Premiere Net of CEWN to enjoy our hobby, make friends and learn, teach, talk of all things radio.

Further more realized the absence of the Hurricane Watch Net on our site. I have added them into the Weather links and also added together with the Regional Net listing page under the information tab.

And a reminder to all and specially to all NC’s to install and use NetLogger for the logging of the net. Everybody can use it and follow the net via the logger. The setup info is on the site here

73 de Admin

RRL on SVG Successful exercise report

The report below as penned by J88CD Donald and also the Evaluation of the Victor Echo Exercise are in pdf format here:
Operation Victor Echo REPORT 
Operation Victor Echo Evaluation June 2017

Operation Victor Echo – 2017

Radio operators in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines and contiguous states were involved with an emergency communications simulation staged on Saturday, June 03.  The scenario involved an evacuation due to an imminent eruption, hence ‘Operation Victor Echo’, V. E. standing for Volcanic Emergency.

The scenario operated ‘on the premise that the national emergency management structure collapsed at the beginning of a national emergency.  There was also a loss of domestic telecommunications forcing the use of emergency communications provided by radio amateurs’.

The field exercise was conducted from amateur stations located at Paget Farm, Fancy, Layou, Georgetown and Calliaqua.  Assistance came from radio amateurs in Tobago, Grenada, Trinidad and St. Lucia.

The scenario unfolded ‘involved the evacuation of entire communities from the base of our active volcano on both Windward and Leeward sides of the island, with radio amateurs coordinating the placement of evacuees to shelters in the Southern third of the island (Green zone) including the Grenadines.

Murphy was at work during this scenario and as the first wave of evacuees was leaving Fancy, a massive rock slide blocked access into and out of the village.  This new situation compounded by an imminent eruption required villagers to be Continue reading

Report on TS Matthew by CEWN

The report as relates to CEWN and Net Controls Checkins etc can be found here:

Keep Haiti, Jamaica Dominican Republic in mind Matthew is a category 4 hurricane going over Haiti at this time.

Listen to 14.325 Usb Hurricane Watch Net or also on 7.268 Lsb
CEWN on 3.815 and if extended possibly on 7.162 Lsb
Cuba on 7.110 7.220 3.720 3.740 Lsb.

Listen first, then only respond when called, or if general check ins are asked for.
Regards, 73!

CEWN Election 2015 01

On Sunday, January 18, 2015 after the close of the morning session of the CEWN net chaired by Harry 9Y4HW, an attempt was made to hold the annual election of Committee Officers for this current year.

Not very many people had remained on frequency 3.815 MHz, and our presiding Elections Officer Derek J35X, was unavailable due to an antenna issue. Heavy United States QRM added to the difficulty of having clear communications. A motion by John 9Z4DT to move to a clear forty meter frequency was adopted.

John 9Z4DT, Barry 9Z4BAB, Hendy 8P6BE, Paul J39AC, Johnny J69IH and Kumar J85K convened a meeting on 7.174 MHz around 1130 UTC. We were subsequently joined by Sylvester J88DT, Pat 8P6AZ, Charles 8P6CW, Margaret J39KK and Leon J88NFJ.

Significant comments:-

  1. 8P6AZ — former Net Manager/ Senior CEWN contributor supported by 8P6CW suggested that we might best manage with slender Net Control resources by operating every other day in the off-season and every day in the Atlantic Hurricane season.

    J85K — former Net Manager felt that to relinquish our net slot in the off season may well encourage others, particularly in the USA to seek to establish use on the frequency during our stated net times.

  2. 8P6BE — Senior CEWN contributor who singlehandedly brought the net back from oblivion during the last decade suggested that our most important goal is the be able to muster Net controllers and run ALL of the fourteen sessions of the CEWN weekly. He felt that it might be the committees’ existence in itself, that had squelched the enthusiasm of volunteering for Net Control slots.

  3. 9Z4DT, J39AC, and 9Z4BAB felt that those present on frequency formed a sufficient and legal quorum to establish the 2015 Net Committee. J85K felt the CEWN was best served by delaying the election to a later time, as the CEWN is more of a regional (albiet ad-hoc) institution than simply an EnComm net.

  4. J88DT felt that much harm had in the past been done to the spirit of the net and embraced a new dedication to re-establish the importance and function of the CEWN.

Actions arising:-

Members present agreed to return for the time being to the volunteer spirit of the ‘old’ Antilles Emergency and Weather Net, and as such we agreed to establish Net Control duties by island state to encourage participation as a source of national pride and concern. Please consult the Net Roster for current status under the Net Operations page.

Kumar_J85K for CEWN Group Operations 01/18/2015 (please email me at j85k.vc@gmail.com if any inaccuracies are noted in the above posting)

Our preferred Logging is NetLogger Please download it from http://www.netlogger.org To follow the net once installed, open Select Net and choose the Caribbean Emergency and Weather net. For our net controls a full write up is found under the Net Control listing.
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CEWN is always looking for net control stations. please use the contact form under the Net Control menu item to apply. In times of emergency this is a very important position. It might just be the only way to communicate right after a disaster.