DARCI Easy Net

The DARCI, the Dominica Amateur Radio Club, has started a new daily net on their UHF / VHF repeater network: The DARCI Easy Net.
This net will start every evening at 7PM.  The net will cede to the Caribbean IRLP net on Tuesdays.
Access to the net is mainly via the UHF repeater on 442.100 (+5.000 tone 103.5) also via the Au Gens link on 146.640 (-0.600 tone  103.5), it can also be joined via EchoLink node 948514 (J73Z)
DARCI is looking forward to hearing your participation to this net!

The DARCI also runs a Early Morning Rush hour Net on the same repeater all weekdays at 7:30 AM

73 de Hilkiah J73HGL

FM and FG Emergency Frequencies

FM5EB Dominique [ADRASEC] has announced new frequencies that will be used for EmComms for the islands of Martinque [FM] and Guadeloupe [FG]:

> 80m 3.825 Mhz
> 40m 7.165 Mhz
> 20m 14.132 Mhz

The two changes were the 80 and 40 meter frequencies to have them fall within Region 2 bandplan


DARCI Field Day Update!

On Saturday June 23, 2018, the DARCI, under the stewardship of the Field Day chairman John Mitchel (J73MH), held its second post Hurricane Maria field day at the Marigot Fisheries complex located in the north east of the island (near to the Douglas-Charles airport).
The field day was well attended with over 30 persons present, the majority of whom were student hams.  They got a chance to design and build a 80m OCF dipole, assemble and get a station on air (there were 2 HF stations present).  Regional and International contacts were made on various HF bands (20m, 40m, 80m) as well as VHF/UHF with other local hams elsewhere on the island. 
Some of the digital modes were explained with FT8 highlighted.  The practicality of Winlink over HF was also exhibited.
The day culminated with a mass check-in on the DMR TG91 Worldwide Net (held every Saturday).  The mass check-in caught the attention of the DMR net controllers.
The day was a grand success with persons calling for a follow up event.  J73MH advised that the next field day event would take place somewhere in the north of the island.
Thank you.
Hilkiah / J73HGL
Secretary , DARCI

A Disaster Plan by J73WA

UPDATED 2018 07 17

J73WA, Wayne, an operator whom we all know to be very much in to being prepared for just about anything out there has yet again rendered a great service to us fellow operators. Wayne has put together a very comprehensive Disaster Plan for Amateur Operators. He saw Family and Community plans are all over but nothing specific to the Amateur Radio community. He started off using the CDEMA family plan and expanded on it with all the relevant stuff for Amateur Radio Ops, put it all together in a nice format that is easy to follow and understand.
The File can be found under Net Control/Amateur Radio Disaster plan, also under the Net Control/Files page or just following this link:

 Amateur Radio Disaster Plan

Thank you Wayne, the effort is appreciated.

As an addition to the above mentioned file Wayne [J73WA] has also created a Saphir Simpson Scale reference file.
It will help us understand the level of preparation we must make based on the severity of the storm

the file can be downloaded right here: Saphir Simpson Scale


73 Admin

DARCI Field Day 2018

Dominica Amateur Radio Club Inc [DARCI] will be having a Field Day exercise tomorrow Saturday 23rd June, 2018. The group will meet in Roseau and go to Marigot where they will setup for the day.
They will be active on VHF/UHF and on HF. On VHF UHF will be on the local repeater of 442.100 +5 tone 103.5 and HF they will be on 80 meters 3.800 Mhz Lsb, on 40 meters  7.210 Mhz Lsb and on 20 meters 14.200 Mhz USB. 
They will be on air from Marigot from 8:30 am, look and listen out for them. Call them let them know they are getting out!

The CEWN wishes the DARCI a successful Field Day 2018!

Edit: Also active on DMR TalkGroup 969 [Dmr Caribbean]


Barbados new Executive

The Amateur Radio Society of Barbados held elections for a new Club Executive yesterday.
The CEW Net would like to congratulate the new executive:
President 8P6PE Ishmael ,
Vice President 8P6JG Mark,
Secretary/Treasurer, 8P6SL Ron,
Vice Treasurer 8P6JB Ron,
Technical Manager 8P6MW Melvin,
Technical Officers 8P6PD Wilfred and 8P6RY Decarlo,
Qsl Manager 8P6NW glenroy, 
Bar Manager 8P6GU Haschel.

73 de J69DS

J6 Field Day

The Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club [SLARC] is having a Field Day exercise tomorrow Monday 21st of May at Pigeon point beach. The setup will be halfway between Gros Islet and Landings Hotel.  We will be setting up a minimum of three stations with a variety of antennae. We will be on 40 20 17, the other bands are possible but dependent on propagation. 
Everybody is invited to join us, we look forward to seeing you on the beach!

73 de Frans j69DS

Rainbow Radio League: Emcomm Exercise 2018

The Rainbow Relay League will be hosting a field exercise on May 20th, 2018. The Exercise is designed to get local and regional radio amateurs in a state of readiness for the upcoming storm season.  The activity will be conducted 3 HF bands (viz: 80M, 60M & 40M).  Most of the J8 stations will be portable, running no more than 30 watts from a manpack radio, so we will need stations with ‘good ears’  to monitor and relay messages when necessary.
The scenario involves a cruise liner running aground on a reef, with passengers and crew having to be evacuated.
As it is a maritime scenario the use of the VHF marine band will be used for the initial ‘Mayday’ then revert to ham VHF/UHF frequencies for continuation of the exercise. Of course, the maritime community will be made aware that it is a training exercise letting them know that they too can be called upon to assist in a coordinated manner.
As in the past, we look forward to the participation of all regional operators who have the time on Sunday May 20,2018.    The activity begins at 06.00 Hrs local and will run until 12:00 Hrs Local.  An evaluation is expected to be held later that day when the hams on St. Vincent meet at a central point.

73 de J88CD Donald.

SLARC WARD event report

World Amateur Radio Day 2018

Celebrating Amateur Radio’s contribution to society


The Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club (SLARC) celebrated World Amateur Radio Day under the theme Celebrating Amateur Radio’s contribution to society. As part of this year’s celebration the SLARC decided to introduce amateur radio to a few of the secondary schools in the north and South of the island. The event was well received by both the faculty and students.

Students listened to an address from former director of ECTEL Mr. Embert Charles via the radio on this year’s theme “Celebrating Amateur Radio’s contribution to society “.  Students learned about the role amateur radio has played in the development of telecommunications and technology as a whole and also the importance of amateur radio in times of natural disasters when conventional means of communications are down.

The students also got the opportunity to ask questions and these ranged from, how one becomes an operator to questions on propagation of radio waves. The event was very successful and as a result the schools have asked that we repeat the sessions with the students. The St. Lucia Amateur Radio Club in order to continue this effort in bringing in fresh blood to the world of amateur radio will be conducting training sessions at the club’s headquarters with interested students eventually leading to a novice class license and the setup of amateur radio base stations at the schools.

The St. Lucia Amateur Radio Club would like to thank the National Emergency Management Organization, the administrators of the various secondary schools and the HAM operators for making this day possible.

Please see some pictures below of the day’s activities at the Participating schools: St. Mary’s College, St. Joseph’s Convent, Castries Comprehensive, Leon Hess Comprehensive, the Entrepot Secondary, Anse Ger Combined, and the Vieux Fort comprehensive.  


Terry Goodman, J66BP,
Tot Henry, J69MV,

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