HF and UHF links into Dominica


Currently J69DS has his server for remote hams on listening to the CEWN on 3.815 and later qsy to 7.188 MHz
also echolink (look for the J62DX node) is  on the UHF Repeater  in Dominica. Do NOT transmit unless you have valid traffic for  Dominica.

Please keep the EmComm frequencies CLEAR.  Only transmit of you have valid traffic for the net!

For remote hams install the client to connect to the j69ds remote to listen only. 
TX can be granted to the relevant authorities if needed.

24 Responses to HF and UHF links into Dominica

  • Looking for my tourist brother William (Bill) John Fox, WA0WF.
    Thank you and may God bless all in Dominica.

  • Looking for information on medical students at RossUniversity. Bryce Sanford and Erica Ericson.

  • Thanks for all you are doing to help with these inquiries. I have passed the email address to some worried parents who have students at the Ross Med School as well as grandchildren. Praying for all in Dominica. 73 es CUL de AC4GJ

  • Looking for status update on the following people: Patricia Thomas from Concord Village. Hanford Thomas, retired fireman- lives in Morne Daniel. Errol Thomas- chief pharmacist on island from Antrim. Thank you.

  • [9/19, 9:36 PM] Suzanne: I am trying to find out about the following people – could you ask for me??

    Celia Gabriel
    Marisa Gabriel Smelda – from Trafalgar

    Jenny Johnson Bully from Roseau

    Lewis family from Morne Bruce

    Patricia Hill from Castle Comfort

    Sonia Hill from Cane Field
    Can you reach out to see if you hear anything? Thank you.

  • Thanks for the work that you are doing. We are trying to find status on the village in castle Bruce. Victoria williams, Kira Henry, Ken Wiltshire, Bobby Ernest and Linda Wiltshire etc.
    In Jimmit mahaut, my aunt Yvette Latouche and Debra Roach
    In marrigot:Martha Greenway
    In grand Bay:Hans Francis
    Our prayers are with you

  • Any updated status on the villages of Good Hope, and soundinget areas of Petite soufriere? Thanks

  • Need info from wesley my parents are elderly my mum is diabetic I’m very worried. I have sister and family in marigot,point Michael, portsmouth

  • would like to know about my sister Elica Benjamin and her daughter Gloria George Benjamin living in loubiere.

  • Pam Clouse is looking for her daughter Keri Pitts with group Qcean Quest Diving Charters

  • Thank you for this service.
    Looking for Claudia Abraham and Simon Abraham from River Estate Canefield.

  • Marlene LeClaire Washington Christina price paxil 20 mg Simone Louisiana Really works..

    Looking for my 96 year old great aunt Aramintha Thomas aka Nurse Thomas from goodwill Roseau & cousin Era Thomas – Roseau infirmary

    Neither have mobile phones so not possible to text.

    God bless all in Dominica x

  • Is there any information for the West coast of Puerto Rico? I am looking for information on Dr. Edisson Osorio who lives in Anasco, PR or his wife Lillibeth Ratcliff. Thank you.

  • I have not heard from my family in Case o Gory Laplaine. They are as follows: my mom Rosetta Winston (Etta), my siblings, and the rest of the family, Peter Stedman (Pap), Elick St.Hilaire, Ma Direct and the rest of the Case o Gory/Laplaine people.
    Thank you!

  • Looking for status status of Emeteria ‘Maritza’ Gonzalez Etienne who lives in Ganvillia and was staying in my apartment at Ti-Bay Villas in Picard. And Marie Frederick in Borne.

  • Is there anything coming from the W side of Puerto Rico?

    Rincon, aguadilla, aguada mayaguez?

  • I’m looking to get in contact with my mother in Guayama, Puerto Rico. Her name is Awilda Rodriguez and she’s 67 years old. I’m also looking for quick methods to get out of the island and state side. The commercial airlines have gotten extremely expensive and the airport is packed with people trying to leave the island. My grandmother (91) has diabetes and her supplies are running out. Thank you.

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